Grenglo LEDs for Brighter Future

Grenglo LED Technology

We are one of the best-LED manufacturers in Singapore, We use high quality LED crystal for brighter emission of light reducing strain on kids eyes while studying at night, we focus on true white light technology to bring you the best brightest LEDs, our led bulb housing is designed to evenly spread the light at all corners of the room, to make our LEDs last longer we utilized advanced heatsink design which effectively dissipates heat from led crystal and make it last longer than conventional led bulbs,

We manufacture LED Street Lights, Solar street light, LED Floodlights, LED RGB strip, LED smart bulb, LED tubes, LED garden lights, Water Proof Fountain lights...and much more

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Indoor Lights

LED Bulb

We produce LED bulbs ranging from 3-watt Bed lights to 50-watt showroom lights producing bright and cool daylight, our heat sink technology helps in efficient dissipation of heat and makes our LED bulb last longer than conventional LED lights, our LED Housing helps in even distribution of light brightening up every corner of the room we also apply Blue light filter coating which helps in removal of Blue short wavelength of light which strains your eyes and causes headache and sleeplessness ...

LED Tube

To light up big areas like Halls, Showrooms, Shopping malls, Offices..etc LED Tubes are the best solution, Grenglo LED tube lights are efficient in evenly spreading bright light across the room, we use High Quality LED crystals which generate more brightness when compared to conventional or low-quality crystals which are also very low in price, Grenglo LED Tube lights are lighting up Singapore since 2017

LED Recessed panel light

LED Downlights are easy-to-install. Ideally suited for lobbies, corridors, elevators, conference rooms, common spaces, kitchenettes, and interiors in commercial, hospitality, retail, and residential environments.

LED Panel Lights

Grenglo LED Panel Lights are goto choice for your offices, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, and showrooms, our LED lens technology helps in the wide-angle spread of bright LED light, Grenglo LED Panel lights take less number of Lights to illuminate an area when compared to conventional or cheap LED Panel lights which take up twice the quantity and space when compared to Grenglo LED panel lights

Led Spot Lights

Grenglo LED spotlight uses Grenglo lens technology which concentrates and limits the widespread of light rays which allows Grenglo LED spotlight to light up a certain area or object brighter than a led bulb, this kind of lights are used in showrooms and in-display raft to highlight the quality of that product, Grenglo LED lighting Singapore has been supplying superior quality LED spotlight to the showroom of big brands to small restaurants and street vendors.

Outdoor Lights

LED Spike Lights

Grenglo LED lighting Singapore has been one of the best-LED spike light brands, spike lights are best suitable for gardens, to showcase a path, to light up a statue and roadside banners and big holdings,Grenglo LED spike lights are most cost-effective lighting system in outdoor lightings.

LED High Bay Lights

Grenglo LED high bay light is the most powerful LED lights and are used in shopping malls, movie theatre, and Car and bike showroom, Grenglo LED high bay lights are useful for commercial buildings, industries, offices, storage sheds where ceiling are 25 to 40 feet hight and require a powerful and brighter LED to illuminated the area .

LED Street Lights

Grenglo LED street lights are the brightest and high watt street light as low illumination at nights causes major road accident for the road safety needs and to reduce accident at night Grenglo LED lighting Singapore has developed Best heatsink technology which efficiently cools the LED making it lost longer and light brighter .

LED Flood Lights

Grenglo LED lighting Singapore has been supplying LED Floodlights to stadiums globally, we have high wattage of led Floodlights ranging from 50 watts to 150 watts per panel, commonly floodlights heat more than conventional led and losses its brightness, in the long run, to overcome this problem Grenglo Heat sink technology dissipate heat efficiently and keeps you high wattage led lights run cooler and last longer.

Led Ground Lights

LED Ground Lights are a great lighting solution to the in-ground illumination of outdoor spaces. Using the latest in LED technology they are a low energy – low maintenance – long life lighting product. All our outdoor lighting solution from Grenglo LED lighting singapore..